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Being a huge favourite of many anglers, Tuna Essence gives baits a distinctive oily-fish aroma and taste, which has more of a subtle than pungent edge. It can easily be blended with other flavours that may not be normally associated with Tuna to make a highly effective combination that can easily be copied.

Essences such as Scopex, Maple, Raspberry, Creamy Condensed Milk and Plum make superb 'partners' for Tuna when being applied to boilie mixes.

Ultra Tuna Essence works well with both Odyssey XXX and Pacific Tuna Base mixes, combining with their respective Liquid Additives at around 6-10ml/kg and also forms a superb partnership with both Ultra Salmon and Smoked Herring Essences.

Recommeded inclusion level:

Use up to 10ml/kg in base mixes or up to 3ml/kg whilst preparing particles.

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