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 Ultra Esterberry Essence

All ‘essences’ in the CC Moore flavour range will dramatically increase the attraction profile of any bait item, delivering a distinctive aroma and powerful feed-stimulating taste to boilie, hookbait, loose feed and stick/bag mixes making them highly attractive to fish.

Ultra Esterberry Essence properties:

·       Thin, water soluble, highly attractive, clear liquid flavour

·       Intense, ester-based, sweet floral/fruit (violet-type) profile

·       No oil content, excellent leakage performance at all times

·       Very powerful flavour, can be used at very low levels

·       Versatile product. Blends well with other fruits/creams

·       An outstanding, but rarely used pop up/hookbait flavour

·       Great in milk, seed, nut and fruit-profiled mixes.

·       Superb for boosting loose feed and bag/stick mixes (see below)

·       Flavour base: Mono Propylene Glycol

·       pH 4.8- acidic


Usage Tip:

Use at up to 10ml/kg in boilie mixes or at up to 1ml/kg in conjunction with liquid foods when boosting loose feeds, stick mixes and bag mixes. Superb with Live System, Amino Blend 365, Response+ Cream Booster and Ultra Creamy Condensed Milk Essence.

Customer guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 

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