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CC Moore Instant Spod Mixes - Ready in just 30 seconds!!!

These highly attractive, versatile spod mixes are designed to take the pain out of making your own spod mix giving you a quick and easy to prepare spod mix that we guarantee will pull in and hold fish in your baited area. Simply take your Instant Spod Mix, add any additional liquids or additives, add lake or river water, stir and start spodding. 


This combination of crushed nuts, cream palatants and milk powders has been produced for use with several applications in mind. Producing an incredibly soluble, milky cloud of nut particles, Sweet Nut Cloud is perfect for use when zig rigging as it ensures that sweet, creamy flavours and aromas spread through the water at all levels. This allows the anglers to stimulate fish to feed at all times of the year regardless of the depth (layers) where fish are holding up.


Sweet Nut Cloud is designed for use with 'zig-rigs', Elite Pop Ups, milk protein baits, nut baits and CCM Live System. We also recommend the use of 30-50ml/kg Roasted Nut Extract or or one of our highly attractive Response+ Bait Boosters.

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This product contains nuts

by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

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Saturday 01 August, 2009

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