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SUPERGOLD 60 (60% maize protein)

Supergold 60 is a fine, gritty meal, made from the high protein fraction of maize. It is a very highly digestible source of quality protein that is becoming more and more widely used within the bait and aquaculture industry as a fishmeal-replacing ingredient. With a protein content of 60%, and an energy content of around 20% higher than fish meal, Supergold 60 has a great deal of nutritional value to offer to baits as well as functional and appearance properties. Naturally varying between a bright golden colour to a rusty brown colour, Supergold 60 adds distinctive coloured flecks, as well as a gritty texture and an attractive maize aroma.

Supergold 60 is an outstanding source of digestible protein, digestible non-lipid energy and methionine, the essential amino acid.

Please note that, being 100% natural, Supergold 60 will vary in colour and particle size. This will not effect the attraction or nutrition profile of your bait and may only change the colour and 'flecked' appearance of your bait slighly.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 375g/kg.

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