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This superbly innovative product really is a must for any angler. Whether looking to put out a carpet of small boilies, pellets, particle, groundbait or spod mix Spomb really is a superb piece of tackle you shouldn’t be without.

Simple to use, accurate on the cast and easy to retrieve, Spomb can deliver an impressive volume of our high quality bait to your baited area within minutes. No more spod mix down your back, spod spill scattered around your swim, birds attracted by a catapult or your high quality baits breaking up under the unreasonable pressure exerted by a throwing stick....just great results every time you cast.

Spomb’s nose button can be set for increased or decreased sensitivity to suit lighter or heavier loads and will also cast well in cross winds due to its aerodynamic design.

Simply attach Spomb to your spod rod, fill the chamber (not the button section) and Spomb away.

Tip: Spomb is ideal for use in conjunction with our Instant Spod Mixes and helps creates a highly soluble carpet feed which pulls fish in throughout the winter without filling them up. Try our Instant Spod Mix - Sweet Nut Cloud for something special through this autumn/winter.

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