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These superb 3mm shrimp-based pellets are extremely effective as a high attraction loose feed. Containing a high level of quality protein combined with fish oils and shrimp extracts, these shrimp pellets break down within an hour, leaking powerful natural attractors throughout.

Being a cylindrical shape and 3mm size they are versatile enough to be used in p.v.a. bags or mesh, method mixes, stick mixes, spod mixes or alone to form a highly attractive bait carpet that fish will grub around in, routing out every last pellet – hopefully until they find your hookbait.

Shrimp Pellets are ideal for year-round use due to the quality of the 50% protein they contain. When water temperatures drop and oils become ineffective, the soluble protein contained in these pellets creates a powerful appetite stimulant that replaces the necessity or attraction supplied by oils in warm water.


Shrimp Pellets can be scalded with boiling water to make a high attraction paste that can be wrapped around hookbaits and leads or used in balls that will break down as soon as they are immersed in water. To give your paste an added boost of attraction we recommend adding some Feedstim Powder or Betaine by kneading it into the paste.


Friday 09 April, 2010

I used the shrimp pellets when I was float fishing for carp at a local venue in milton keynes, not a commercial, and also a quite difficult water. I used them to try and hold fish around my hook bait and it worked well. The pellets give off a huge amount of smell and seem to attract the carp and keep them feeding. I had six good fish, 5 commons and 1 mirror all at 17lb / 22lb over a 5 hour period- and watching the around the float I could see the water colour changing as the carp were feeding quite agressively. Well worth the money, produced better alround quality of size and weight of fish. T he weight of the pellets and the texture and with the smell makes them a classic particle bait. I am comfident they would be a huge edge if used on a river in the cage feeder for Barbel too. Ian Henson

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