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Famed for their legendary big fish catching bird food ingredient, Robin Red®, Haith’s have now released Robin Gold® which looks set to develop an equally impressive reputation as a valuable base mix ingredient that gives baits another new dimension in terms of taste, aroma, nutrients and texture.

Robin Gold® has been designed to be used all-year-round; it is a strong and spicy smelling, peppery mixture which can enhance the attraction of any base mix. This unique, high quality ingredient contains valuable vitamins and minerals and has an excellent natural colouring effect. The availability of Robin Gold® allows anglers to create new, highly attractive year-round baits that will have a unique and distinctive aroma and taste along with a open texture which promotes maximum attractor release, even in extremely cold water.

There is no limit to the inclusion level of Robin Gold® in base mixes, however we recommend including up to 100g/kg, with higher levels being used in hookbait mixes.

Nutritional Information (typical values)

Protein: 7.10
Fibre: 6.60
Ash: 3.90
Moisture: 8.00
Oil/Fat: 7.15

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