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Containing high levels of soluble fish proteins, potent natural attractors and proven fish feeding stimulants these innovative new halibut pellets are pre-drilled, making them simple to hair rig, able to suck in more liquid attractors they are soaked in and, most importantly, able to quickly release their attractors once immersed in water.

Whilst these ready-to-use halibut pellets have an oil level of more then 20% they also contain high quality digestible proteins which contribute to a 40% total crude protein content, making them an ideal pellet for year round use that fish find easy to digest even in the depths of winter.


These awesome new halibut pellets can be transformed into a ‘show-stopping’ fish catcher by the addition of a powdered additive such as Green Lipped Mussel Extract or Belachan Powder. Simply take your pellets, pour on some warm water, allow them to soak for 5-10 minutes, pour off the water, sprinkle on your powdered additive and let this dry in for 12-24 hours. These pellets will now be a quite sensational instant bait.

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