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After using different types of pre-digested fishmeal, we believe this product to be the best version available. Produced from whole fish, this fine, floury, aromatic meal is processed under a very strict process that involves spray drying, flash pasteurisation and natural enzymatic hydrolysis. This process results in a highly attractive, nutritionally valuable meal that has a pepsin protein digestibility in excess of 97% and a water solubility of 75%+.


Pre-Digested Fish Meal is an incredibly attractive product, and is a vital ingredient for any high quality fishmeal bait, not only for attraction purposes, but also for nutritional supply. Excellent for use in ground baits, stick mixes, pastes or even sprinkled on pellets; Pre-Digested Fish Meal is a very versatile product that simply works on all waters. In particle mixes it can be used to form a slop or soup that clouds the water with instant effects. If this doesn't attract the fish, they aren't there! Can be included in base mixes at up to 150g/kg.

Whilst this product is not cheap, the difference it makes in a bait cannot be overstated. It is quite simply one of the most effective fish attracting ingredients available. If you are concerned about the cost of your mix, then we suggest you consider removing other ingredients such as milk proteins before this fish meal.

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