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This potent booster liquid is made from the same secret blend of chosen flavours that is used in the production of the phenomenal Northern Specials. Combining concentrated appetite stimulants and carefully selected fruit flavours containing powerful active ingredients, Northern Specials Booster Liquid delivers a ‘zesty’ taste sensation to baits which literally entices fish to feed in even the coldest water temperatures.

This product is super-concentrated and can be applied to hookbaits in small doses. We have found applying a light coating to baits before allowing it to dry into them to be the most effective way of using this liquid. This process can then be repeated as many times as required but may affect the buoyancy of the hookbaits if used excessively.

We recommend using Northern Specials NS1 Booster Liquid on Northern Specials NS1 Pop Up and Wafter Hookbaits to give them an intense rush of attraction which travels over extreme distances when immersed in water enticing fish to your ‘primed’ hookbait.



Please Note: This liquid is highly concentrated and should be used sparingly. We advises lightly coating the baits, allowing the liquid to be absorbed completely before adding any more. 





by Harry Allwood

Friday 18 January, 2013

This unique smelling liquid was a real edge for me in 2012. By adding a few drops of the liquid onto all of my hook baits every few days to let it soak in, they increased my catch rate significantly. NS1 Booster Liquid, let it be your edge for 2013!

by Alex Grice

Tuesday 10 May, 2011

"Northern Special Booster Liquid by Alex Grice"
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