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Over a number of years we have developed a small range of incredibly attractive hi-viz pop ups. Combining a selected blend of potent flavours and attractors with a high level of a vivid bait dye we created these ‘Northern Specials’ (‘I.B.s’) that, due to their unprecedented level of success, have gained an almost mythical status.


  • 12mm: 45 baits
  • 14mm: 35 baits

Northern Specials are supplied with a sachet of the powerful matching hookbait booster.

We will tell you the story of their development......

The Northern Special; everything including the name is a nudge to the history and background of its evolution. It is based on a single hookbait first developed by lads fishing the meres in the North West back in the mid-late nineties, who were doing especially well on one particular attractor combination used within a 'single' pop-up that was clearly performing far and above anything available off the shelf.

In reference to them, 'Northern Specials' are based on the same original key liquids that we have managed to re-source many years later and contain a truly potent blend of incredibly effective attractors that stimulates fish to feed in even the most adverse conditions; a characteristic that has made them an essential addition to the bait armoury of some of the most successful carp anglers in the UK and Europe.

Just like those northern lads who found their baits almost always out-fished anything else by a long shot and accounted for an amazing amount of fish on everywhere from pressured day ticket venues to the hardest of the hard on the big fish circuit, one thing has always remained consistent about them since the launch of Northern Specials back in 2009..... when the chips are down, you can almost always rely on one to get you a bite.

Don’t miss your chance to gain that all-important edge!


Tip: To really increase the potency of your Northern Specials, give them a coating of the supplied hookbait booster, let it dry in and then repeat this as many times as necessary. This gives them a huge boost of attraction, making them simply irresistible.

Important notice about buoyancy:
Soaking NS1s in liquids or excessively or repeatedly adding liquids to them will reduce their buoyancy. We strongly advise that baits are given a light coating and are fully dried before use. This can be repeated to increase their attraction, but the more times this is repeated, the more their buoyancy is likely to be reduced. It is essential to fully dry them before use if the original level of buoyancy is required.

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