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This highly attractive  liquid food has a subtle spicy/peppery aroma and contains Feedstim XP Liquid, Krill Amino Compound, CSL Liquid and essentail oils.

Ideal for use in base mixes at up to 100ml/kg, it can also be used in conjuction with pellets, bag mixes, spod mixes or particles mixes, where it should be used at up to 30ml/kg.

Important Notice: ACTIVE!

This is an active liquid and is purposefully designed to encourage non-preserved products that contain it (such as freezer baits) to break down and release their own fish-attracting nutrients as they do so. As a result, this liquid should be stored in cool conditions, out of direct sunlight, and with the bottle lid loosened to enable it to breathe.

If this product starts to ferment (and the bottle starts to swell) it is not faulty and should be cooled as quickly as possible but may still be used without any negative to the finished bait to which it is applied.


The intended microbial activity of this product is one of its key features and therefore contributes a great deal to its effectiveness as a high quality, big fish bait ingredient. 

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Monday 12 April, 2010

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Thursday 24 December, 2009

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Thursday 24 December, 2009

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Thursday 24 December, 2009

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