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N-Gage XP Bait Dip is ideal for use on any fish, spice or meat based bait item, where a boost of spicy fish taste and aroma is required. This bait dip will not melt P.V.A. and is very effective when poured onto crumbed baits. This crumb can then be used in bags or mesh for the accurate presentation of small amounts of highly attractive bait. It is also highly effective when used in conjunction with Feedstim XP at a ratio of 1:1

by Steve Kitcher

Monday 12 April, 2010

"Ist Impression last - N-Gage XP by Steve Kitcher"
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by Dave Jones

Thursday 24 December, 2009

"Southern Club Water"
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by Myles Gibson

Thursday 24 December, 2009

"N-Gage XP Review by Myles Gibson"
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by Spencer Wright

Thursday 24 December, 2009

"N-Gage XP Review by Spencer Wright"
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