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This mix really is something different. Incorporated into Live System Base Mix are a number of ingredients that have not previously been used in the UK bait industry therefore producing a finished boilie that will present the fish with a food item that they will not associate with danger.

Based on milk proteins, vegetable proteins, seeds, egg biscuit meal and other digestible ingredients, Live System has been successful throughout the year. However, with its creamy, sweet aroma and distinctive yeast undertone coming from Pure Corn Steep Liquor Powder, it has been particularly effective when fished during the autumn and winter months. Containing other valuable fish attractors such as Betaine, Concentrated Yeast and fermentation products, this is a non-fish meal mix which easily takes flavours, textures and colours in its production.

With all of the required attractors and ingredients being incorporated into the base mix, there is no recommended liquid additive to be used with Live System Base Mix. However, please see the 'Tip' below for ideas.


Over the past few years, anglers have had considerable success mixing different liquids with Live System. Try mixing 30ml/kg Feedstim XP with 2ml/kg Black Pepper Oil to Live System Base Mix to produce a complex bait that has produced incredible results over 2 seasons on a large well-known UK pit.

When making hook baits, try adding 5% Chilli Powder and 2% Garlic Powder to this base mix to produce powerful natural baits, which can be fished with Live System or even on their own as a single hook bait.

If you use Live System Base Mix to make your own cork ball pop ups, remember to add 10% egg albumen to the dry mix to enable the paste to bind to the cork ball or to create a tough skin. For another variation on Live System Freezer Baits, add 100ml/kg (+ eggs) of Amino Blend 365 or Liquid Bloodworm Compound to Live System Base Mix.

For a superb no-egg version, add 5% Whey Gel and 5% Egg Albumen and blended frozen krill to the base mix to produce a superb natural food source. 


by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

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by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

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