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This liquid preservative is made from human food grade ingredients and is designed to inhibit the growth of most common moulds known to develop on standard food items. It is usually applied at the mixing stage and is included as 20-30% of the liquid egg inclusion. E.g. If a mix requires 9 eggs, we recommend that 6-7 eggs are used and the other 2-3 eggs are replaced with liquid preservative. On this basis, as a guideline, we work on the basis that each medium egg usually provides 50ml of liquid; therefore a 9-egg mix would require 100-150ml of preservative.

Much lower levels of Liquid Bait Preservative may be used to produce shelf life boilies (even as low as 50ml/kg) but it is then essential that the finished baits are dried well and are then stored in containers where they allowed to breathe and will not be exposed to changes in moisture and temperature.


When using this liquid bait preservative at the normal level of 100-150ml/kg, we recommend baits are dried for 24-48hrs in order to reduce the moisture content of the outer layers of the bait; the longer baits are dried, the longer they will remain mould free. Remember; the length of time for which baits will remain preserved also depends on the dry and liquid ingredients used in the dry mix.

by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

"The power of making your own unique baits (part 2)"
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