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Created by CC Moore, Hi-Visual Tigers are one of the most exciting new products of recent years and are taking the Carp bait world by storm. Developed over months of research and product testing these incredibly attractive products are certain to give anglers a huge edge in their quest to catch specimen Carp.

We have taken premium quality Tiger Nuts, added a carefully selected food colorant and a powerful amino-rich enhancing liquid formula to create a genuinely new product that combines the phenomenal natural attraction properties of Tiger Nuts with the potent taste, aroma and hi-viz appearance that makes them a superb spring, summer, autumn or winter option for all Carp anglers.

Whether fishing a short session or long campaign, using loose feeds or a top quality food bait, using Hi Visual Tigers will give you something competely different that fish have never seen before – a huge edge in your quest for angling success!

These Hi-Viz Orange Tigers are pressure-cooked in our secret feed inducing formula which combines the legendary pulling power of Tutti Frutti flavour with a vivid natural food dye. Highly visible in all light conditions, these crunchy tiger nuts release a constant stream of powerful attractors which drive fish feed time and time again making them an outstanding big fish bait.

Make no mistake - They're THE NUTS!

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