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Hemp & Sweetcorn 2.5kg Bucket


This outstanding product is our ‘stay fresh’, PVA friendly version of perhaps the most effective loose feed combination ever used by anglers……’Hemp & Corn’. Plump, oily hemp seed cooked with bright, juicy sweetcorn (NOT MAIZE!) …. a simply awesome fish catcher!


Hemp & Sweetcorn properties:


·         Plump, oily Hemp Seed with a high split rate

·         Contains bright, juicy human food grade sweetcorn 

·         Perfectly cooked and ready to use

·         Rich in salts, proteins, omega oils; ideal for year round use

·         PVA Friendly; great in PVA bags/sticks

·         Superb colour contrast; dark hemp and bright yellow corn

·         ‘Stay fresh’ recipe means no freezing or refrigerating

·         High dry matter content means you’re not ‘paying for water’

·         Supplied in a reusable ‘CCM Camou’ bucket

·         Another unique and exclusive CC Moore product


Customer guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. We do not recommend preparing PVA bags/sticks that contain this product for long periods prior to their use as this may start to melt the PVA. This product is ideal for use alone or in conjunction with any CCM Instant Spod Mix.

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