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This exciting new product combines our high quality, nutrient-rich Live System boilie with its matching concentrated bait dip – all in one ready to use package.

We have taken our popular milk protein and bird food boilie mix, added the optimum amount of a superb new feeding stimulant and then rolled it into irresistible big fish-catching 10 x 14mm hookbaits, which are then supplied in a pot of concentrated bait dip.

The resulting product is a highly attractive, juicy little hookbait which leaks off powerful food signals in even the coldest water temperatures. These conveniently sized dumbbells are not only ideal for hair-rigging but can also be used on the hook making them excellent for use as a stalking bait or for all other species of coarse fish.


10x14mm = 50 baits


Being constantly soaked in their own powerfully bait dip, these irresistible 10 x 14mm dumbbell hookbaits pack a real punch of attraction making them ideal for use over a bed of bait or as a single hookbait. We have also found them to be very successful when fished on a stringer, with a pva stick or in a pva bag with a small amount of loose feed. This makes these hookbaits another great year-round bait option from CC Moores.

by Richard

Friday 27 July, 2012

Recently went to France for a week and used Live System boilies, pellets, stick mix and glugged dumbells for the 1st time. Went with the idea of using the stix mix, pellets, feedsim xp and bait dip added and 15mm or 18mm boilies. Fishing was not consistant so after two days decided to soak live system pellets in feedstim xp and bait dip topped up with water to make a method mix and decided to recast every hour to the same spot with glugged dumbells as hookbaits, had 5 carp in an hour late afternoon and went on to catch 36 carp varying sizes from 2 lbs to 37 lbs 8 oz, which was the most carp caught for the week and live system out fished my 2 mates on other baits.Also takes were more aggressive and the carp obviously got a taste for it. I used to use SBS M1,s !!!!

by Alex Grice

Tuesday 19 July, 2011

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by Spencer Wright

Friday 13 May, 2011

"Live System Glugged Hookbaits Review by Spencer Wright"
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