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Mellow Brandy is another of Geoff Kemp's truly legendary original flavours and is a real personal favourite of Geoff's and many of the other most successful pioneering big carp anglers of the 1980’s and 90’s.

It has a deep, rich, alcoholic-type profile and blends superbly with milk, nut, cream and fruit flavours to create a smooth, rounded label with a distinctive sweet note.

Moreover, this highly effective flavour has a legendary reputation as being perhaps the most successful liquid flavour ever used in the production of floater fishing baits - a reputation earned over many years during which consistently outstanding results were achieved by those using it in floater cake recipes and for coating mixers and floating trout pellets.

In addition, the low density flavour components and naturally attractive oils in Mellow Brandy, which have always made it such a devastating surface bait additive, also make it the perfect 'icing on the cake' booster for spod mixes where the presentation of its feed inducing attractors in the upper layers of the water column can help stimulate fish to feed on mid water particles and drop down onto your baited area.

This superb original Geoff Kemp flavour should be in every big Carp angler's armoury either as a hookbait coating or for adding to floaters or spod mixes.


Use in boilies mixes at up to 10ml/kg and hookbait mixes at up to 10ml/egg. This flavour also works well when used with our Aquasweet at 1-2ml/kg.

Geoff Kemp Flavours

To many of the most experienced big carp anglers, the name of Geoff Kemp is synonymous with the formative years of carp fishing and more specifically the early creation of effective carp baits.

In the 1980’s and 90’s, his concentrated flavours justifiably gained legendary status playing a vital role in the attraction profile of many of the most successful big carp baits of the period.

For a number of years, such notable flavours as ‘Green Zing’ were more or less consigned to the archives of carp bait production so we are extremely excited that we have now been able to source them again …… and in their original form.

Just as we remember, the richness, smoothness and depth these outstanding flavours possess leave you in no doubt as to why they were and still are so special and so highly effective.

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