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Undoubtedly one of Geoff Kemp’s most highly rated products, Evaporated Milk/Ice Cream is a superbly smooth, creamy flavour with an irresistibly moreish profile that fits perfectly with nut, bird food and milk protein baits but also rounds fish meal/savoury baits and those that contain other, more intense flavours.


Use in boilies mixes at up to 10ml/kg and hookbait mixes at up to 10ml/egg. This flavour also works well when used with our Aquasweet at 1-2ml/kg.

Geoff Kemp Flavours

To many of the most experienced big carp anglers, the name of Geoff Kemp is synonymous with the formative years of carp fishing and more specifically the early creation of effective carp baits.

In the 1980’s and 90’s, his concentrated flavours justifiably gained legendary status playing a vital role in the attraction profile of many of the most successful big carp baits of the period.

For a number of years, such notable flavours as ‘Green Zing’ were more or less consigned to the archives of carp bait production so we are extremely excited that we have now been able to source them again …… and in their original form.

Just as we remember, the richness, smoothness and depth these outstanding flavours possess leave you in no doubt as to why they were and still are so special and so highly effective.

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