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Garlic Oil really needs no introduction and is an extremely potent flavouring or aroma adding ingredient which creates a distinctive profile in boilies and hookbaits even when added at a very low level. This Garlic Oil is a first press oil and is highly concentrated.

When making custom boilies or hookbaits, Garlic Oil is superb in savoury and spicy mixes and is particularly effective when combined with our Robin Red, Blue Cheese Powder and Belachan Powder.


Garlic Oil is also excellent for pepping up particles and is best added into the hot water after boiling, allowing it to soak in to the softened particles for as long as possible prior to use.

Recommended inclusion level:

For boilie mixes we recommend adding 0.5-1ml per kg depending on other ingredients and additives used in the mix. Inclusion levels in hookbait mixes may be higher. Use in particle mixes at 5-10 drops per kg.


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