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This powerful fruit palatant has a potent citric aroma that is carried through into baits even when it is included at low levels. With its primary intended use being that of a base mix or hookbait additive Fruit Zest Concentrate creates a distinctive label which can stand alone as a superb cold water attractor but can also be used at low levels in conjunction with essences like scopex, creamy condensed milk or even maple to round off the edge of the aroma combining to make a great year-round label.

With a subtle sweetness adding to its attractive fruit aroma Fruit Zest Concentrate is also highly effective as a stick mix and groundbait additive delivering an instant rush of attraction that transmits through very cold water temperatures – similar to the way in which essential oils and esters work in the winter months.


Whilst elevated levels are highly recommended in hi-attract hookbaits we advise using 5-10g/kg in base, stick and groundbait mixes. As a guideline we have already had great success using Fruit Zest Concentrate in hi-attract hookbait mixes at 5g per egg.

by Ollie Pearce

Tuesday 02 August, 2011

"Fruit Zest Concentrate Review by Ollie Pearce"
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by Antony

Saturday 28 May, 2011

Having recently been looking for a powder additive to add to may high attract hookbaits that i have been making this Fruit Zest Concentrate is the best i have seen of its type on the market and i have tried a great many over the years. You can mix it at high or low levels and will keep on working in your bait much longer than just adding liquid attractors. This powder will mix extremely well with other citrus type flavours or can give you a real edge if mixed with fishmeal base mixes. Highly Recommended.

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