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This powerful additive is a very strong fruit palatant that has now been enhanced by the addition of a proven sweetening agent. When added, Fructose Concentrate 'labels' any bait item with a distinctive raspberry-type fruit aroma that has been extremely effective when used in milk protein and bird food baits since 2004. Unlike many liquid flavours and additives, this powder effectively traces through in finished baits, regardless of preparation processes or air drying, meaning that very low levels can be used to add a superb fruity dimension.


Recommended inclusion levels depend on other ingredients in the mix and the initial strength required, but a suitable starting point for inclusion is 0.4%, therefore equating to 1kg of dry mix requiring 4g of the Fructose Concentrate. We strongly recommend using minimal amounts of sweetener and flavours as fish receptors are thousands of times more acute than human's so can detect an attractive sweetness in water even at very low levels. Remember; if you can easily smell and taste a bait then it is probably overpowering for fish!

Note: Pop Ups may contain up to 10g/kg or more if a very strong aroma/taste is required.

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