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The ultimate fish attractor?

For those fortunate enough to fish on rich, shallow, established waters that are rich in natural food, there can be no doubt that bloodworm must be the ultimate fish attractor. A matter of a few minutes spent watching fish respond to this natural dietary item is enough to convince you that, somehow, you must be able to replicate this reaction by adding something to your bait - well now you can!

Available in 1kg blocks, this can be added to spod/stick mixes, particle or pellet mixes as well as being fished on its own, balled up in mesh tights, attached to the hair or back of the hook.


Put a layer of Frozen Bloodworm (remove as much moisture as possible first; a dusting of bloodworm stick mix is ideal) either side of a layer of Boosted Bloodworm Pellets in a P.V.A bag and top it up with Liquid Bloodworm Extract whilst including a Boosted Bloodworm Hookbait for a water-soluble explosion of bloodworm goodies that fish go crazy for!

For devastating combination, try mixing 60% Intense Hemp, 30% Frozen Bloodworm, 5% grated Belachan and 5%Betaine as a carpet feed. 

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