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 Fresh Steeped Black Tigers


Whilst tiger nuts are undoubtedly one of the most successful carp baits ever used, Steeped Black Tigers are more than a bit special. Pre-cooked in our unique infusing liquid these naturally black nuts are intensely boosted with highly effective feeding triggers to deliver intensely boosted levels of natural ‘tiger nut attraction’ in a ready to use form, straight from the jar.


Fresh Steeped Black Tigers properties:

·           Large black Tiger Nuts with an amazing taste and crunch

·           Cooked in our unique, savory, salty steeping liquor 

·           Contains no dyes, 100% naturally black nuts

·           Perfectly prepared to be 100% safe and ready to use

·           Every nut is fully expanded for maximum attraction

·           Superb in spod mixes either whole or fine blended

·           An excellent year-round use loose feed and hookbait option

·           A massive edge when targeting wise, pressured fish.

·           Supplied in a tough, reusable, 2.5litre plastic jar

·           Another unique and exclusive CC Moore product. 

Customer guidance:

Before opened, this product should be kept cool, out of direct sunlight. Once open, nuts should be kept covered in their juice and be used within 5 days. If not used within 5 days, freeze and use later. This product is ideal for use alone or to form part of a loose feed mix.


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