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 3kg Floater Bundle Deal:

3kg Floating Pellets, 500ml Fish Oil, 50g Coating Powder & 50 Duo Floater Hookbaits


If the fish are spending time in the upper layers and may take bait off or just underneath the surface, check out this great value floater pack offer.

Choose from this carefully selected combination of bait products and you can soon tempt those surface feeding carp with an irresistible and unique surface bait presentation all of your own for just £24.99 – and that’s post free (UK Mainland only)!


Floating Pellet options, choose 1 from:

  • 3kg Floating Trout 6mm Pellets

  • 3kg Floating Trout 11mm Pellets


Fish Oil options, choose 1 from:

  • 500ml Tuna Oil

  • 500ml Salmon Oil

  • 500ml Smoked Salmon Oil

  • 500ml Trout Halibut Oil


Bait Coating options, choose 1 from:

  • 50g Crayfish Meal

  • 50g Krill Meal


This pack also contains a pot of our outstanding Duo Floater Hookbaits


Duo Floater Hookbait properties:


  • Tough-skinned, 12 x 14mm very buoyant hookbaits

  • Pots of 50 hookbaits. Two colours; dark brown, light brown

  • Easy to hair-rig or side-hook. Won’t fall off when casting

  • In pots, soaked in our highly attractive, smoked salmon oil


Bundle Deal Price: £24.99 (post free to UK Mainland only)


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