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Equinox Hard Hookbait Mix

Rich in soluble fish and milk proteins, spices, fruit extracts and Haith’s Robin Red®, Equinox is an instantly attractive year round bait that fish just love to eat.

This angler-designed pack contains Equinox hard hookbait base mix and Equinox liquid additive for making Equinox Hard Hookbaits, Equinox Cork Ball Pops or Equinox Wafters.

250g Pot Contents:

250g Equinox Hard Hookbait Mix

25ml Equinox Liquid Additive


1kg Bag Contents:

1kg Equinox Hard Hookbait Mix


Mixing Guidelines:

Step 1: Pour required amount of Equinox Liquid Additive into bowl

Note 1: 25ml will require approx. 2 medium eggs + 250g of mix

Step 2: Add liquid egg into bowl

Note 2: To make shelf life baits, replace 30% of liquid egg with Liquid Bait Preservative.

Step 3: Mix liquids thoroughly

Step 4: Add hard hookbait mix to achieve desired consistency of paste

Step 5: Roll baits as required and allow to ‘skin’

Step 6: Boil or steam baits

Note 3: Boiling guidelines:


For Cork Ball Pop Ups we recommend you bring the water to boil, turn off the water, wait for 30 seconds then introduce your baits, stirring them continuously whilst cooking.


- Cork Ball Pop Ups: 12mm = 10 secs, 15mm = 15 secs, 18mm = 20 secs.

- Cork Ball Wafters: 12mm = 15 secs, 15mm = 20 secs, 18mm = 25 secs.

- Hard hookbaits: 15mm = 90 secs, 18mm = 120 secs.

Step 7: Leave baits to dry for 12-24 hours, spread out in a dry environment.

Step 8: Either freeze and treat as frozen baits or leave to dry for a further 72hrs+ to fully air dry.

Note 4: Baits can be boosted by coating in liquid attractors. We recommend adding a thin coating before allowing to dry; this process can be repeated.

Buoyant & Semi Buoyant Hard Hookbaits:

- To make cork ball pop ups, mould paste around cork balls typically allowing a paste skin of >1m around the circumference of the cork ball (e.g. 12mm cork ball = 14mm pop up) 

- To make cork dust wafters, add 3-5% cork dust to your powder mix before adding it to the liquid mix. You will need to trial the amount of cork dust to achieve the desired buoyancy.

Note 5: The more cork dust you add, the less efficiently your mix will bind.


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