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Equinox Booster Liquid

Rich in soluble fish and milk proteins, spices, fruit extracts and Haith’s Robin Red®, Equinox is a powerfully attractive year round bait that fish just love. Its unique, sweet taste and aroma combines with a comprehensive nutrient profile to create a bait that is a remarkably consistent ‘instant’ catcher.

This highly concentrated liquid additive contains a carefully developed blend of attractants designed to intensify and boost the flavour and aroma of our superb Equinox White Pop Ups, other hookbaits and other baits from the Equinox Boilie Range

Equinox Booster Liquid properties:

·       Extremely concentrated, thin, colourless booster liquid 

·       Supplied in an easy to use booster spray bottle

·       Powerful taste/aroma that quickly soaks into any bait product

·       Contains highly effective, proven appetite stimulants

·       PVA friendly liquid, ideal for boosting bag/stick mixes too

·       A pH-balanced formula delivers intense feeding triggers 

·       Designed to be equally effective at any time of the year  

Customer guidance:

Simply give your Equinox pop ups a coating of this powerful booster liquid, allow it to dry in and then repeat as required.

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. This product can be applied numerous times to increase the strength of attraction but should be allowed to dry after each application.

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