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EQUINOX AIR BALL POP UPS - 10/15/18/24mm

These new air ball pop ups are colour-matched, very buoyant and durable enough to withstand the unwanted attraction of nuisance fish bringing them up to the usual high level of quality you expect with CC Moore products. This product contains all the same liquid attractors and powdered additives as Equinox baits.


10mm Pop Ups = 80 baits
15mm Pop Ups = 50 baits
18mm Pop Ups = 35 baits
24mm Pop Ups = 15 baits


These pop ups are ultra buoyant and can be trimmed into different shapes to give anglers a real edge. Try shapes other than round for a change and dip them in Equinox Bait Dip or Corn Steep Liquor for another edge.

Please note that glugging or soaking these pop ups in liquid may affect their buoyancy.

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