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Teaming up with Enterprise Tackle, we bring you some unique imitation-corn hook baits. Incorporating proven fish-catching favourites, early trials have provided superb results. Included in the line-up are Frankfurter, Blackcurrant, Chocolate Malt, Belachan and Salmon flavours, with each bottle containing eight pieces of buoyant corn soaked in attractant.

"We are really pleased to be working with such a current and forward-thinking team in CC Moore,” said Enterprise Tackle boss Chris Hornsby. "Their excellent flavours compliment our baits perfectly and will be a great addition to our range."

While Ian Moore, who heads up CC Moore, added: "We are delighted that such a well-respected company has adopted our liquid bait flavours for use within their high quality imitation baits. This will add another great hook bait option for anglers using some of our most popular, fish-catching flavours."

Top carper Frank Warwick has been one of several anglers to use the range during trials. "What I really love about these baits is how the flavours and colours match," said Frank. "For example, there’s purple corn soaked in Blackcurrant and white corn in Chocolate Malt".

If you use our boilies these are the perfect accompaniment. Or, if you're simply looking for an extra edge on hard-fished waters, then they should also be in your attack.


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