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We have been using this fantastic product for a number of years and felt it was finally time to share it with our customers.

After one of our colleagues saw it and started using it for his Mullet fishing word about this product soon spread to a number of anglers around the region. Some of these anglers can be justifiably be classed as the best of the best in their field and have been using bread and bread based products since the 1960s (and before if truth be told) so know a thing or two about it.

Produced from high temperature cooked white bread, Dried Bread Flake is a crispy white ‘crumb’ with significantly larger particles than most other crumb products. However, the fantastic versatility and incredible natural attraction comes from Dried Bread Flake being flake rather than mainly crust. This enables it to take on water very quickly, making it suitable for ‘balling’ onto the lake/river bed before it breaks up or mixing into a sloppy loose feed that will send fish wild in a cloud of tiny bread particles. This of course depends on the amount of water/liquid added.

We have used this product in several applications but have found it incredibly effective as a spod mix ingredient, dispersing to all levels of the water, releasing powerful fish attractors from the mix as it does so.

This superb natural product has now been used by some of the U.K.’s top anglers with great success when targeting Tench, Bream, Barbel, Roach, Carp and even saltwater fish.


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