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Each particle is around 1ml-1.5ml in diameter and is a 'chipped' product made from food grade, 'health-tested' peanuts. They are high in oil, very attractive to fish and superb for adding to spod mixes.


For an effective year round visual presentation; mix Crushed Peanuts, Milkimin Pellets and Particles in Talin before fishing a Hellraiser Peppermint Berry pop up over the top.

This mix can also be used in conjunction with the superb Sweet Nut Cloud Instant Spod Mix whether being fished close to the bottom or as part of a zig-rig presentation and is extremely effective when mixed with our Response+ Cream Bait Booster.

by Tim Richardson

Friday 13 August, 2010

"Boosted Live System Nutty Pastes, Boilies, Pellets and Ground Baits by Tim Richardson"
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