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Crunchy Kelp Meal can be used in base mixes or method mixes to add valuable vitamins (seaweed/kelp is the only non-animal source of Vitamin B12), minerals, trace elements and attractors as well as a texture that carp love. Recently, many anglers have added crushed egg shells into base mixes to give a crunchy texture to baits ... Crunchy Kelp Meal will do this whilst also improving the bait's nutritional quality.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 250g/kg.


As well as a superb base mix ingredient, Crunchy Kelp is also very effective in spod mixes as its physical shape and density allows it to carry attractors to all different layers of the water. By adding 10-20% to a spod mix that contains some fine powdered attractors, it can really improve the attraction of the spod mix being used.

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