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Enabling you to make ultra-buoyant hookbaits with an edge!

Many anglers make and use their own cork ball pop ups to not only mimic their own boilie mix in the form of a pop up, but also to present an ultra-buoyant hookbait that can easily be fished over weed and debris using the popular chod rig presentation. Made from cork balls, these baits have tended to be round and, on occasion, are treated with suspicion by fish that have been targeted with round baits for many years.

These carefully selected 6mm x 12mm cork sticks are ideal for making barrel-shaped hookbaits that not only release the same attractors and stimulants as your freebies, but are also in a shape that fish find infinitely more ‘safe’ to eat.

Simply take your dry mix, add 10% egg albumen, mix with your liquids and egg and mould around the cork stick. These baits should be boiled for 1-2 minutes, dried for 24 hours and then frozen before use. We recommend giving them a light coating of your liquid pack before they are frozen to suck the attractors into the bait, ready to release them again when immersed in water.

These cork sticks are also ideal for zig rig and floater fishing and can be soaked in flavours and liquids to boost their attraction. To increase this effect, simply spike the sticks with a needle before coating them.

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