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These high-density cork balls enable you to create superb, natural pop ups that have an identical appearance to your bottom baits. By using the same base mix and liquid attractors for both bottom baits and pop ups, all baits presented will give an identical food signal that fish find very difficult to differentiate, therefore making them more likely to be picked up without suspicion.

These cork balls can simply have a thin skin of freezer bait paste moulded around them before being boiled and dried to create buoyant pop ups that have the same aroma, taste, texture and colour as bottom baits.

Tip: To ensure the paste effectively moulds around the cork ball, we recommend including 10% Egg Albumen with the base mix before mixing it with eggs and other liquids.

For our superb Hard Hookbait mixes that enable you to make perfect cork ball pop ups every time click on the bait name you require.

Pacific Tuna       Odyssey XXX         Equinox         Live System

by Spencer Wright

Friday 05 February, 2010

"Customising your hookbaits by Spencer Wright"
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