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Cork Ball Pop Up Roller - Exclusive to CC Moore & Co Ltd

Giving unrivalled Cork Ball Hook Bait perfection every time

After months of product development and testing, our eagerly awaited cork ball pop up roller is now ready to be released. This outstanding little tool is the brainchild of highly respected angler and long-term user of and friend to CC Moore, Greg Alexander and is in our opinion a real game changer for thinking anglers who strive for perfection.


Automatically selecting the correct amount of paste, it rolls identical baits with a perfectly centred cork ball and no air gaps; essential for optimum rig performance and total hook bait confidence.

As well as quickly and easily making perfect Cork Ball Pop Ups, this roller really can do so much more.

   · Cork Ball Pop Ups & Wafters

Quickly and easily rolls identical cork ball pop ups or wafters every time; vitally important for fine-tuning your rigs.


   · Bottom Baits

This tool makes rolling bottom baits or paste balls both fast and simple without the need of a rolling table and paste gun.


   · Custom Specials

Roll your own Northern Special, Dairy Supreme or Live System Cork Ball Pop Ups, or another unique fish-catching hookbait. Even ‘food bait’ hookbaits with fluoro spots for visual attraction, half/half coloured baits and many more options are now simple. The options are truly endless……

Rollers are available in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm size. Each roller comes with a set of usage guidelines.

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