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Chopped Mussel is finely minced saltwater mussel and makes an outstanding additive for all types of Carp and coarse fish baits.

Containing all the natural juices from within the mussel meat, this product is quite wet so easily mixes into boilie, spod and particle mixes; dispersing evenly throughout each mix.

Chopped Mussel can also be used in PVA bag and stick mixes (once dried or mixed with powders) and releases a powerful natural food signal generated by millions of salty particles of fresh mussel being dispersed throughout your swim and into all layers of the water column.

As you will see when you receive and start to use this excellent additive, there are very few products that are more naturally attractive to fish than fine chopped mussel. Even a small amount in your mix can increase your chance of success. Try it when you’re next on the bank and see what a difference it can make to your catch rate.


Freeze between trips.

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