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Chod Bitez are a collection of highly buoyant pop ups that have been purposefully developed for use on chod rigs, hinged stiff rigs and other rigs that require a very buoyant hookbait to maximise their hooking potential.

Each pot of Chod Bitez contains 35 x 14-15mm round pop ups in a variety of five different washed out colours, vitally giving you numerous different hookbait colour options to maximise your chances of a bite when light conditions vary.

As well as being extremely buoyant and toughened for increased durability, Chod Bitez contain Betaine, N-Butyric Acid and our unique, tried and tested fruit flavour blend which incorporates a mixture of Geoff Kemp’s legendary fish-catching flavours. This deadly combination of ingredients ensures a potent stream of feed inducing attractors is released from Chod Bitez, creating an instant response from passing fish even when air and water temperatures plummet.

Chod Bitez can also be flavour-boosted further by giving them a coating of Chod Bitez Booster Liquid which contains the same liquid attractants.

Tip: Applying excessive amounts of liquid to Chod Bitez may affect their buoyancy. We recommend coating them in booster and allowing them to dry fully before repeating this process, rather than soaking/covering Chod Bitez in liquids.

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