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This Booster Liquid contains exactly the same combination of liquid attractors as used in the production of the matching pop up hookbaits. Produced without any carriers or bulk fillers it is extremely concentrated so can be used at low levels to give your Pop Ups a huge boost of attraction.

Chod Bitez contain Betaine, N-Butyric Acid and our unique, tried and tested fruit flavour blend which incorporates a mixture of Geoff Kemp’s legendary fish-catching flavours. This deadly combination of ingredients ensures a potent stream of feed inducing attractors is released from Chod Bitez, creating an instant response from passing fish even when air and water temperatures plummet.

Note: We recommend adding a light coating of Booster Liquid to pop ups before allowing it to soak in. This process can be repeated time and time again to create a pop up hookbait with a truly unparalleled level of attraction.

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