Live System Boilie Range

The popularity of this incredible bait just goes from strength to strength on the back of outstanding catch results achieved by anglers using it. Its distinctively creamy - sweet taste and aroma combine with the nutrient-rich base of milk proteins, bird foods, yeasts and fermentation products to create a balanced food source which fish never tire of eating.

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live system boilies
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Live System Shelf Life Boilies 10mm Live System Air Ball Pop Ups
Live System Shelf Life Boilies 15/18/24mm Live System Hard Hookbaits
Live System Freezer Bait Boilies 10mm Live System Cork Ball Pop Ups
Live System Freezer Bait Boilies 15/18mm Live System Base Mix
Live System Freezer Bait Paste Live System Hard Hookbait Mix
Live System Pellets Live System Glugged Boilie Hookbaits
Live System Stick Mix Live System Session Pack Bucket
Live System Weedbeater Mix Live System Air Ball Wafters
Live System Bait Dip

Being extremely digestible and low in oil, this big
fish-selective boilie is perfect for year-round use, steadily releasing feed inducing appetite stimulants in even the lowest water temperatures. Its subtle, almond/coconut profile helps make it an extremely versatile boilie which is devastating as both a long term food source and instant bait.

Live System boilies - packed with powerful attractors!


As many successful Live System anglers will say; you can’t beat ‘The System’!

Why choose CC Moore Boilies?

All four highly successful boilies in the CC Moore range have been created with no expense spared. With bait performance as our primary concern we have included unprecedented levels of proven natural attractors in each bait to ensure they will maximise your chance of angling success – and our customers’ results prove this. Use any of our outstanding boilies and see how they can improve your catch rate!