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Bloodworm Session Pack

Bloodworm is the bright red aquatic larva of a small midge found around rivers and lake, the blood of which contains haemoglobin allowing it to live in poorly oxygenated water where silt has built up. Proving an irresistible, naturally occurring food source for fish, Bloodworm represents the perfect bait option for tempting large pressured carp and other species.  

This great value pack contains the highly effective bait combination of a potent, natural attractor-packed loose feed pellet, a liquid-infused, buoyant dumbbell hookbait and an irresistible, bloodworm-loaded natural liquid; the perfect ‘tools’ for creating a spod, PVA bag or loose feed presentation that releases intense natural attractors.

Bloodworm Session Pack Contents

·       2kg Bloodworm Pellets 6mm

·       100ml Liquid Bloodworm Extract

·       20 x Bloodworm Hookbaits 10x14mm

·       Products supplied in a Black Bait Bucket


Bloodworm 6mm Pellets properties:

·       Low in oil, highly digestible and packed with soluble attractors.

·       A deep, savoury, bloodworm taste & aroma that fish love

·       Rich in amino acids derived from bloodworm and fish protein

·       Contains essential vitamin and minerals that trigger feeding

·       Excellent in PVA bags fished with a Bloodworm Hookbait

·       Superb size for adding into spod mixes and loose feeding

·       Excellent for Carp, Barbel and other species of coarse fish

·       Great when boosted with Liquid Bloodworm Extract


Customer guidance:

These goods should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.



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