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This excellent binder/hardener has been widely used in the bait industry for several years where a taste, colour or aroma-free product is required. Blood Plasma is the concentrated binding fraction of Purified Blood Powder and is free of the red blood cells that dye baits brown. It gels quickly and effectively, even in baits that have a moderate to high oil content, and gives boilies a light skin with a firm, but flexible centre, enabling attractor leakage and bait breakdown to take place.

We recommend using 30-60g/kg in base mixes where a moderate to strong bind is required and up to 100g/kg in base mixes when producing hard hookbaits and cork ball pop up mixes.

Blood Plasma can also be used to make paste baits by adding to the paste mix at 20-40g/kg.

Please note; This Blood Plasma is a coarser productthan that we have sold in the past (before September 2015). It is sourced from the same supplier, but is produced at a different factory which ensures it is a 100% porcine-derived product and so conforms to EU animal by-products regulations.

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