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For a number of years many very accomplished anglers have used Belachan with devastating results and have not been keen for others to find one of the main reasons behind their success.

Belachan, the Asian name for a specific type of fermented shrimp paste, is a salty, strong smelling block that is used to create deep flavours in Malaysian dishes... and carp are practically addicted to it!

It comes in a solid block form and can be crumbled into almost any bait item. It is an exceptional attractor when used with pellets or particles or in boilie, method, spod or stick mixes. To use this product we suggest the block is grated using a fine cheese grater and is included at up to 75g/kg dry mix in either of the above bait forms. In boilie mixes, best results are achieved by adding the grated Belachan into the liquid egg and then being left for 10-15 minutes prior to mixing/rolling.


For a devastating combination, try mixing 60% Intense Hemp, 30% Frozen Bloodworm and 10% grated Belachan as a carpet feed.

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