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Worth The Effort – Dan Pestell

Worth The Effort – Dan Pestell

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As there was a full moon this week, I rushed around like a mad man to ensure I could get down to the lake, the big pit down south, straight after the kitchen closed. I just knew there was a good chance of a bite!

I arrived at the lake at 10.30pm and had a rough idea of where I wanted to be – I’d been keeping an eye on the weather all day. In the moonlight, I could hear and see fish crashing in a neglected swim in a shallow bay. I got my rods out with lovely crisp drops on some fresh silkweed on a gravel seam, ideal! I used pink CC Moore Dairy Supreme pop-ups on hinge rigs to make sure my presentation was good in the weed. I catapulted 15 CC Moore Pacific Tuna freebies around each hook bait. As I was sorting the rest of my kit out, I could hear fish boshing out and rolling – confidence was high!

At 7am, I had a screaming take from a locked up clutch. After a tense fight under the rod tip, a friend helped to net the fish. When we looked in the net, we saw a lovely scaly old carp know as Broken Pec – I was buzzing! On the scales she went 38lb 8oz.

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