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Winter Carping With Louis Slade

Winter Carping With Louis Slade

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Wednesday morning, I arrived at my local RDAA club lake at 10:00am and after seeing the Weather the night before I knew this was going to be a good session. It was mild, around 10/11 degrees with slight cloud cover, which made a change after a bad cold snap we had and boosted my confidence sky high even better was the barometric pressure which was showing Low pressure at approximately 998 and I knew in my mind the fish were going to be up on the feed.

As soon as I arrived at the Lake I walked around for a good 30 minutes just to see if I could see any activity like bubbling/fizzing, Fish rolling,jumping or even sightings around the margins but the fish weren’t going to give up that easily especially with a very cold wind pushing in a deeper bay of the lake, so I thought that the fish would be on the back of the wind where maybe it might be that slightly bit warmer and finally went back for my barrow, carted it up and settled for a swim that had ” Carpy” features within the area.

There was a long sunken willow around 9 metres fromthe bank projecting out into the lake on my right of the swim and the the left of the swim was 2 other features, a small branched tree that was only around 2 metres wide and the other being a feature which was a dense thorn bush where I have seen fish around back in the warmer months last year basking in the the sun not even tempted by a mixer so I knew that they were there.

I got a rod out of my holdall, attached a small feature finding lead and had a flick around near and around the chosen features. The 2 features I chose consisted of a smaller branched tree that was only around 2 metres wide and had a lovely gravel spot brilliant for presenting bottom bait rigs on and was not very big but I clipped it up and ended up being inches from the feature.

The second spot I found felt strange on the rod tip and as I pulled the rod slowly back after the lead dropped to the bottom, it felt like it landed on a sponge and was proper smooth feeling as the lead was sliding along the contours of the lake bed and my only thought of what it was, was next to a tree which could have been some sort of silty, leafy patch so I instantly put my chod rig on that which was probably the best rig for presenting over non smooth bottoms.

A little bit about my rigs and baiting approach of this session which was very simple and as I was not fishing on a massive lake I didn’t want to use that much bait and hopefully create a fishing situation. As it came to getting the rods out, my first rod (which was my left hand rod) had around 7 inches of Korda N-Trap in Silt camouflage and a simple Muzza Rig with a 14mm Odyssey XXX boilie half drilled out and I added a 5mm cork stick to the inside of the boilie just to give it a bit of neutral buoyancy and make the size 8 Curve Shank hook KD styled arrangement work properly.

On my second rod ( Right hand rod) I had a Naked Chod which consisted of a couple of Korda sinkers and 4mm Beads on 15lb Krystonite Fluorocarbon, a 1.5 inch Filament Chod with a size 8 Korda Choddy Hook, Bait wise was a simple 12mm Cork Ball soaked in Odyssey XXX liquid which I have left soaking for a few days and attached using bait floss with scattered freebies which I deliberately spaced out for a reason was the Odyssey XXX boilies over the top to hopefully create a competitive/ Feeding situation. My Left hand rod on the Muzza Rig was cast at approximately 40 yards to that gravel spot and my right hand rod was cast around 10/15 yards to the sunken willow.

It was around about 1:30pm, My right rod on the Odyssey XXX Chod screamed of, Cup of tea everywhere! as I rushed up to set the hook on what felt a fairly small fish UNTILL I saw the big tale of at the time I thought was a nice looking mirror slap the surface as it charged of on its numerous countless runs it made,
but after a few minutes I slipped the net under one of the bigger fish in that particular lake, a lovely looking common which weighed in at 20lb 7oz.

Then same Rod roared of again at 3:00pm which felt a very strong fish, went on the most powerful runs I have ever felt, As I do a lot of Barbel fishing this was nothing in comparison to how strong this fish was, this fish took a little longer to play and get under control but finally netted a very pretty Mirror at 17lb 8 oz and was in full dark winter colours.

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