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What I Learned In 2017 – Alex Grice

What I Learned In 2017 – Alex Grice

What I Learned In 2017 – Alex Grice 4.5/5 (90%) 2 votes

Working in the industry as a media journalist for CC Moore has meant I have witnessed and been part of some great moments on the bank with many of our very own team members. We have a very talented team of anglers, who not only posses certain attributes and skills, but dedicate their angling time towards catching fish from a whole host of unique venues. Carp fishing requires a number of skills to be consistent and successful, which take time to hone; observation, dedication, an eye for detail and a deep understanding of fish behaviour. This small insight details some of the great experiences I have had this year, what I have learnt from our insightful team members and my own personal angling highlights.

The first highlight of the year was back in May, the warmer weather had just started to creep in and I had a few days booked up with the carp catching machine that is Kev Hewitt. Kev had informed me that his chosen venue for the filming planned was Linear Fisheries Manor, a venue he had been fishing in the early part of the spring. The session started well, with a lovely 30lb mirror that Kev had just landed as I arrived; it was sure to be an eventful session!

As the session progressed, Kev went on to catch a number of awesome carp throughout the day, spombing his bait accurately to a gravel bar at 100 yards range. He informed me that he had told James, my manager, that he would have Kempies Linear, a fish he dearly wanted to catch, live for the film! A big statement if you ask me. Well, Kev didn’t disappoint and early evening, he had the fish laying in the bottom of his landing net.

For me, the biggest factor that stands out about Kev’s fishing is accuracy, his tactics are actually very simple, but he has the ability to execute them well by baiting and casting with extreme accuracy, ensuring he creates a competitive feeding situation on a tight spot!

The second highlight of the year has to be a session on a tricky little venue with Mark Pitchers. To set the scene, we had 24 hours to catch a carp live for the cameras from this overgrown, weed infested lake, with back bays and little nooks and crannies all over the place; a carps haven!

We were certainly up against it and by nightfall, we had nothing to show for the efforts of walking and trying to stalk fish in the day. By nightfall, we had settled in an area, a small marginal spot surrounded by lilies, big enough for one rod down the edge.

After contemplating tactics, Mark first opted to fish a bottom bait; a small tiger nut on the firm spot next to the Lillies. After an hour or so, he was receiving what he believed to be finicky feeding indications from Tench. After contemplating, Mark decided to switch to his faithful hinge- stiff rig with a potent Odyssey XXX white hookbait. The night passed quietly, but just after first light, that rod was away! It turned out to be one of the most sought after fish in the lake, the Black One, a true Leney original!


It clearly shows that sticking to what you know and what you are confident in using will pay dividends, confidence is the key in carp fishing and taking your tried and trusted tactics from venue to venue will stand you in good stead.

My final learning curve was from my good friend Brad Wegner, which reiterated the point of how important spot choice is when targeting individual fish. I have known Brad for a few years now and he has been fishing Elson’s lake at Stanwick lakes for a few seasons. He has been targeting two individual fish- Spike and The Robin for nearly two years, meanwhile catching nearly the whole stock from this intimate venue.

Back in the summer, Brad took a gamble to fish a completely new, hard to reach spot in the lake, moving away from his faithful, pre- baited area that had done him so many bites. Over the course of the next two sessions, he managed to catch both the Robin and Spike from a spot that had never seen bait before.

The lesson learnt here is don’t be afraid to change a working spot, especially if you are targeting certain fish. Fish have certain behavioural characteristics and certain areas/ spots are certainly preferred feeding areas by individual fish.

As for my highlight of the year, it would have to be catching a long old common from a local Notts pit back in the summer. I had experienced a few months of bad luck in my angling, so when the fish slipped over the net it was a true relief to say the least. Not only that, but I had been honing my long range baiting tactics and it had paid off in fine style! Lets hope 2018 brings more good luck for the team members, our loyal customers and myself!

Alex Grice


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