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Under The Ice – Hadley Ever

Under The Ice – Hadley Ever

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I arrived at the New Forest Water Park late monday night. I baited up in the pitch black and thick fog with CC Moore Live System and maggots before resting the swim. I then strolled a few swims down to visit some friends. I returned to the swim at around 1am and put the rods straight out. I required some much needed rest so got my head down.

When the sun rose I could see that the lake was 3/4 frozen. I then rechucked all of the rigs to make sure they were bang on the money. This paid dividends, when only a couple of hours later the right hand rod sprung into action and it was game on.
A fairly simple fight ended and soon enough a nice upper 20lb mirror was sulking in the net. It was the first fish to be caught in a few weeks from the venue and was a right result, even more so because most of the lake was frozen!

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