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Turbo Tuna’s!

Turbo Tuna’s!

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This bait kitchen takes a detailed insight into how you can make your very own, personalised, turbo-charged bottom baits. So why would you want to create power packed bottom baits?

Making your personalised, super-attractive bottom baits certainly have their advantages, firstly, you can create a slightly tweaked mix that other anglers on your lake are unlikely to be using, giving you the advantage of differentiation on busy waters. Secondly, for those overnight sessions between work where you want maximum pulling power in the swim for the short period you have the rods in the water, these baits certainly come into their own.

The fantastic factor about creating and using your own turbo freebies, is that due to the higher levels of attractors, less of these baits have to be used in one stint in order to generate the greatest level of attraction when compared to off the shelf baits.

A light scattering of these baits in the right area will provide significant levels of pulling power, drawing fish in to feed and most likely encountering the rig while doing so.  The ‘turbo’ baits couldn’t be simpler to make and just like your favourite off the shelf boilies, they are based around the winning base mix with a few extra specials to create that unique appeal. This feature carefully details the process of how to make these extra special freebies, but with a little imagination, the world is your Tuna ‘Oyster’.

Making the baits are extremely simple, for a 1kg Pacific Tuna base mix, you will need: 10 medium fresh eggs, 50grams Garlic Powder, 500ml Pacific Tuna additive, 500ml Hot Chorizo Extract, 2 mixing bowls, measuring beaker, whisk, spoon, paste gun, sieve, rolling table and a pan of boiling water. This may sound like a lot of implements to produce 1kg of bait, but the tools to produce your own bait can be used again and again.

The following steps outline how to produce the ultimate boosted Tuna bottom baits, ready to be used within days for that quick overnighter between work. The extra ingredients perfectly compliment the Tuna’s classic make-up, adding the extra kick of spice and aroma to tingle the taste buds of those wily carp.

Create Turbo Tunas!

1-    All the ingredients you will need to produce power packed Tuna baits.

2-    Start by pouring 1kg Pacific Tuna base mix into a mixing bowl.

3-    To this, add 50g of Garlic Powder.

4-    Mix the dry ingredients thoroughly and leave to one side.

5-    Grab another mixing bowl and crack 10 medium eggs into it.

6-    Add 40ml of the Pacific Tuna additive.

7-    Plus 60ml of Hot Chorizo Extract.

8-    Whisk the liquids and egg together until fully blended.

9-    Create a partition in the Tuna base mix and carefully add the liquid to the mix.

10- Mix the two parts together well, ensuring the powder fully absorbs the liquid in order to form a useable paste.

11- The ingredients will begin to bind, forming a solid paste.

12- Leave the paste to rest for half an hour before rolling into equally shaped sausages.

13- Add the paste to the boilie gun and push out the boilie sausages ready for the table.

14- Apply the sausages one at a time to the table and slide to form the round baits.

15-Add the boosted Tuna baits to a tray ready to be boiled.

16-Finally, boil the baits for around 1-2 minutes and then leave to dry overnight on a table.


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