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My Top 5 Rigs For Carp Fishing: Stephen Newton

My Top 5 Rigs For Carp Fishing: Stephen Newton

My Top 5 Rigs For Carp Fishing: Stephen Newton 3.4/5 (68%) 52 votes

1st Choice – The Reverse Combi Anchor Rig (above)

I prefer bottom bait rigs for most of my fishing and was first shown this rig by CCMoore consultant and now good friend Spencer Wright while on a social with him last winter and as it ticked all the boxes from what i needed in a bottom bait rig plus catching while using it for the first time. For this reason i haven’t stopped using it since that session and have done very well landing every fish I’ve hooked.

It is made up of 2 materials a supple braid boom section perfect for fishing over all bottoms and a stiff bristle filament which are tied together using an albright knot. My hook choice is a size 6 stiff rigger or similar and is set up like a chod rig, but rather than bending the tag end back through the eye of the hook to create the D we all know of the tag end is trimmed to about 10mm and pulled to the side at a right angle to the shank of the hook making an anchor and lifting the hook off the lake bed. It also helps nail the hook in the centre bottom lip as when the hookbait is sucked into the carps mouth the anchor catches the side of its mouth and sets it straight. When using this rig i always use two glugged dumbbells as they work perfectly setting the hook and the size of them are not to big and balance the set up perfectly plus being barreled shaped they do tend to trick the wary carp, I also always add a stick of chopped bollies and pellets and fish it over a tight bed of the same bait.

2nd – The Chod Rig

The Chod has been used by just about everyone that has set foot on the bank and sometimes just for the hell of it but if used in the correct way it can be deadly. This has to be my favorite pop up rig for fishing with a scattering of bollies due to the fact that as the fish are moving around picking up baits this rig always catches them off guard. I would only use this rig when fishing over a dirty bottom or in weed or if I was fishing a lake I knew nothing about and didn’t want to spook the fish by leading around. When fishing with it in the weed i would always fish it with a drop off lead due to the fact that if the carp swims into the nearest weed bed you have a better chance of landing it. My bait choice for the chod rig is always a CCMoore Cork Ball Pop Up and sometimes i even make my own and add other additives to the mix, i have personally seen one of their cork balls hold the rig up after 5 days so i know that this rig will always be fishing 100% while I’m on the bank.

3rd – The KD Rig

This set up is great rig for catching those wary carp that feed with a little more caution due the rig using a balanced or neutral bait by using a pop up and adding a shot under the bait on the hair or by using a bottom bait and inserting a cork stick into the bait. I personally prefer using bottom baits that match my freebies so I use a CCMoore Cork Dust Wafter which takes all the balancing guess work out. When setting up the KD rig you need to make sure that the hook is whipped on in the correct way which is the other key part of making this rig so good. It is tied similar to a knot less knot but after two whips pull the hair back out the way and carry on whipping as normal. This makes the hair sit at such an aggressive angle that the hook point is made very heavy making it harder for the carp to deal with. As with the chod rig i fish this rig with a scattering of bollies hoping to catch the carp off guard as they will be moving about from bait to bait.

4th favourite rig – The  Snowman

I like to use this rig due to the fact I still have my main food source being the XXX but also have a touch of colour which get the carp interested when being cautious.The rig is extremely easy to tie as it is a simple knotless knot set up just like a bottom bait rig but on this occasion the hair is extended to allow a smaller pop up to sit on top of the bottom bait. My preferred way to use this rig is with a standard 15mm XXX tipped with a 12mm Northern Special or CCMoore Hellraiser to balance it out and make it sit just like a snowman. I normally like to add a tiny piece of shrink tube or a micro ring to the shank of the hook to trap the hair just before the bend of the hook making the point heavier.

5th – Bottom Bait Rig

Sometimes you just cant go wrong with a standard bottom bait rig tied knot loss knot with no other components like shrink tubing or rings to hold the hair against the shank of the hook. When using this rig i like to use a long hair of about 1 inch. To stop tangles on the cast i would always hook a pva bag on and tie the hair in place with some PVA tape.

There are dozen more rigs out there if not more, but by scaling them down to say 5 and constantly using them you will find your results will improve. By this i mean you will get to know the rigs and can add little tweaks to them to improve your own fishing style.

Until next time be lucky

Stephen Newton


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