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The Slate Grey – Hadley Ever

The Slate Grey – Hadley Ever

The Slate Grey – Hadley Ever 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

My syndicate venue down south was the destination for the super moon. It was a cold night but I felt confident with this notorious bright moon gleaming down onto the surface. I was fishing a simple pop-up presentation towards one of the remaining weed beds in the water quite simply because they still hold some heat. It was a supply braided rig, whipped to a size 8 hook completed with a CC Moore Northern Special and a few maggots on top. I spombed a gallon of maggots and 2kg CC Moore Live System crumb onto the spot. Shortly into the session, the rod rattled off and after a good scrap I slipped the net under The Slat Grey at 41.2!

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